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Khustai Natural resort center

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Duration: 3 days /2 nights

The Mongolian Government declared Hustai National Park as a Specially Protected Area in 1993, one year after the initiation of the reintroduction project of the Takhi (Przewalski's horse) to the Hustain Nuruu. The HNP extends through the Khentii Mountains and includes the western edge of the Mongolian steppe at the boundaries of AltanbulagArgalant and Bayankhangai Soums of Töv Province. The park is about 100 km from the capital city of Ulaanbaatar to the west.

The HNP covers 50,600 ha land which is home to 459 species of vascular plants, 85 species of lichens, 90 species of moss and 33 species of mushrooms. 44 species of mammals have been recorded, including Altai wapitiMongolian gazelleroe deerwild boarwild sheepibexMongolian marmotsgrey wolfEurasian lynxPallas's catred foxcorsac fox and Eurasian badger. The 217 species of birds include golden eaglelammergeiergreat bustardwhooper swanblack storkDaurian partridge and little owl. There are 16 species of fish, 2 species of amphibians, and 385 species of insects (including 21 species of ants, 55 species of butterflies, 10 species of bush crickets and 29 species of grasshoppers). A new species of soil insect has been found in the Hustai and given the scientific name of Epidamaeus khustaiensis.

In 2002, the Man and the Biosphere Reserves organization of UNESCO certified the HNP as a member of the world biosphere network of natural reserves. The HNPT was enrolled as a member of IUCN in 200

Pursuant to Mongolia has stated internationally to conserve up to 30 percent of its territory specifically in supporting its biodiversity conservation, today there are 102 state protected areas established with 28 million ha area equal to 14.86% of total territory. One of them is Hustai National Park. Implementing the Przewalski’s horse reintroduction program was the fundamental reason for establishing Hustai National Park. The State Great Khural (the legislative parliament of Mongolia) declared Hustai National Park a nature reserve (resolution 83) in 1993. Initially established for the first reintroduction of the Przewalski’s Horse the park covers more than 50,000 hectares. After the scientific programs being run out of the reserve since 1992 achieved measureable success and provided valuable conservation outputs Hustai was upgraded to a National Park in 1998 (resolution 115).


Day 1, Ulaanbaat-Khustai Naturak Resort Center.
After breakfast, we will welcome the tourists and leave for Hustain. On the way, the western part of UB city, Bayangol Songoino Khairkhan district, Emeelt Sharkhyug Tawalj Huk Dooloon Well Moltsog Sand will be explained. 97 km to the west of UB city, Hustain NP came and rested at the hotel. After lunch, we will see the camel rock and take pictures and  enjoy the endangered  wild horse Takhi . After dinner, you can relax by visiting the local small museum. 
Day 2 Khustai  trip
After breakfast,  at the stones, graves, and hirigsuor, then ride a horse to take pictures, have lunch and rest for a while, visit the Malchin family and  introduce their lifehood.  Overnight in Namadic family 
 B.L. D
Day.3  Khustai-Ulaanbaatar 
After breakfast,  a half day horse back riding , after then  drive to  Ulaanbaatar   drop you in your hotel 
  • Trip Details
  • 3 days / 2 night
  • Single price: from $250
 Price: Adult $280
            Child over 4 years $250

Included in : 
  • Food for Iternary 
  • Transportation  2 way 
  •  English speking Guide ,driver 
  •  accomadtion in camp or Nomadic family 
  •  horse back riding fee
  •  entrance fees protected area   
  • 0.5ml water
Not included in 
  • private food on the way 
  • alkhocal & beverage 
  • Tips
  •  travel& medical insurance
  •  Visa to Mongolia 
All travelers should prepare  your private items 
• Pocket money
• Seasonal clothes and shoes
• Small tent,campaign equipment / Cups, spoons, flashlights, etc. / at your own discretion
• Personal hygiene items / tooth paste, brush, soap, liquid soap, paste paper etc
• A ballpoint pen or pencil 
• Phrase book 
• Travel directory for destination city and country if available
• Have mobile phone roaming service
• Small first aid kit