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Special Tours

Bird watching tour

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There are about 10,000 species of birds in the world, of which there are 490 species in Mongolia. In the last two years, ten new species of birds have been added to the bird population of our country. Among these birds, the first endangered species in Mongolia, such as Besreg Deglee, Zeerd Khuurgen, Zeerd Tunjger and Khalzan Shursuult, have been registered in Mongolia. The gazelle is native to Southeast Asia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Korea, but has been recorded in Mongolia. Also registered as Urvit dorongo and Ash dorongo. These birds are usually distributed in the tropics. This new species is being recorded due to the increase in bird-watching trips and bird-watching. On the other hand, due to global warming, the distribution of tropical birds may be moving north to the temperate zone.
  • Trip Details
  • 5 days 4 nights
  • From: $2750
Duration: 5 days VII/10-14
Price:  Adult 2780 UDS (p.p)
Children: over 4 years old 1760 USD

Service included:
Accommodation at the tourist camp
Folklore show
Full board at the tourist camp  
Excursions as per itinerary and entrance fees to all museums and National park Visa to Mongolia
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All travelers should prepare  your private items 
• Pocket money
• Seasonal clothes and shoes
• Small tent,campaign equipment / Cups, spoons, flashlights, etc. / at your own discretion
• Personal hygiene items / tooth paste, brush, soap, liquid soap, paste paper etc
• A ballpoint pen or pencil 
• Phrase book 
• Travel directory for destination city and country if available
• Have mobile phone roaming service
• Small first aid kit